Music at your command with Toreto Sound Bar

 Music at your command with Toreto Sound Bar

Saurabh Tankha

I was born in an era when music was at your command but could not move with you unlike today when you can have music just about anywhere. Back then you needed to plug and play music, be it on a cassette player or a two-in-one. Though some of the latter models did have the option of using batteries so that you could move about and listen to music, but they drained out pretty fast and cost beyond your pocket after a certain time so music was just limited mostly to the living room. And there were speakers which could not be moved around as they weighed by truckloads.

Circa 2019. Listening to music is a blessing today what with sound bars. Music is completely at your command – anywhere and everywhere, in the pitch, volume and bass you want it. What’s more, there are no strings (read cables) attached! So, sound bars can or rather be termed as omnipresent. And that they are sleek and slim remind you of some Bollywood actresses who boast of Size Zero.


Aptly called Sound Blast, Toreto’s TOR-327 which comes with a built-in battery of 2400mAh and a combined speaker output of 16W is an efficient sound bar. Its best feature is Bluetooth V5.0 which easily connects with tablets, smartphones, laptops and other such compatible devices.

It has a built-in microphone, an FM radio, AUX functions along with facility for USB and TF card. And, the built-in rechargeable battery helps you enjoy music playback anywhere, anytime. Moreover, since it is capable of delivering heavy bass along with loud volume, if you plug it in your TV, it gives you a cinema-like experience.

With a battery life of seven hours and charging time of four hours, TOR-327 has a wireless range of up to 10 m and comes with a memory slot. And that’s not all. The sound bar comes with an infrared wireless remote control too.

Price Rs 2,599


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