Get your kid to chew this toothpaste

 Get your kid to chew this toothpaste

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One has often heard young mothers complaining about the challenges they face with their pre-schooler kids early mornings: First – to wake them up, followed by a bigger one – to get them to brush their teeth. Either they are too lazy or too sleepy to indulge in brushing, this despite major innovations in toothbrush designs and toothpaste variants. The challenge for moms seems like a never-ending pain. Most mothers are worried as this is the time kids start developing milk teeth and need nutrition to keep their gums strong. They know if their child skips brushing now, he/ she will have a hard time later.

But now, there’s a solution for such moms. All they need to do is get DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets, ideal for kids aged between three and five, and relax. In three simple steps: Bite-Chew, Brush-Polish, and Rinse-Done, DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets leave the child’s teeth with a natural glow. And when you tell your kid that these tablets come in their favourite strawberry flavour, they will jump for it. What’s more, these strawberry flavoured tablets are enriched with distinctive fluoride properties that prevent tooth decay and revitalise aching teeth.

The Strawberry Flavoured Toothpaste Tablets are composed of 100% natural ingredients, are vegan, free from plastic, artificial stabilisers or any other form of preservatives. And unlike regular toothpastes, DENTTABS Toothpaste Tablets do not require any deleterious stabilisers and additives due to their solid tablet form that has no water in its composition.
Availability: You can find DENTTABS in a compostable package at select online e-com portals, Amazon and Flipkart, and the online shop.


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