For smooth skin, and reduced redness in acne

 For smooth skin, and reduced redness in acne

Taruna Sharma

What does one do the acne-prone skin? Multiple trips to a beauty salon? A big no, especially in the current Covid-19 times. But then facials are important as these help remove blackheads and open clogged pores.  So I decided to go for a SkinQ DIY Active Facials @ Home Kit. The one for acne prone skin claims it is specially formulated and contains naturally-derived active ingredients which helps not only hydrates but rejuvenates the skin. The sceptic in me didn’t entirely believe the claims but nevertheless decided to check it out.

What’s in it?
The DIY kit costs Rs 750 and comes in five, single-use sachets, one each of Micellar Water (5ml), Exfoliator (5ml), Massage Butter (5gm), Pre-Mask Serum (5ml) and Sheet Mask (8gm). The sachets are packed in an easy-to-carry neat cardboard box. It is better than buying bottles and tubes and then regretting if it doesn’t suit your skin. While each sachet contains information on how to use it, there also is a small booklet which gives detailed information.



The use
The products are very lightweight which rule out any damage to the skin, especially with acne. I also realised 5ml is enough for one face. Normally, when we use creams and scrubs from bottles, we tend to overuse them. It is good the sachets contain optimum amount required for one time use.
All the five products are fragrant and do not stick to hands. I could easily wash these off with water – no soap, no handwash. The only irritant I found was the Sheet Mask – it comes in powder form and requires you to make a paste with water. If only it was in the form of a cream, or even an actual sheet, it would have been better. It saves the bother of making a paste.
But I have no issues as far as its efficacy is concerned. Though it did take some time to dry up, removing it was easy – just simple peeling did the trick!

The end result
A smooth skin, with reduced redness in acne. So even though I find Rs 750 for a single time use a bit hi-end, I’m sure I’ll use it next time too.


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