For smooth & manageable hair, go for Atulya Herbals Hibiscus shampoo

 For smooth & manageable hair, go for Atulya Herbals Hibiscus shampoo

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Of late, hibiscus has been popping up in almost all my discussions with family and friends, be it hibiscus tea for health, hibiscus powder for hair or hibiscus leaves for henna on hands. Now, I have two of these plants at my home, but apart from offering these to Gods during my morning prayers sometimes, I hardly paid any notice to these vibrant red flowers.

But when hibiscus started reinforcing itself on me, I decided to read a little about it. And was pleasantly surprised to know that this plant is a storehouse of beneficial properties. No wonder everyone has started using it abundantly. I too replaced my morning tea with hibiscus tea, I don’t know how many other ways it is helping my metabolism but it surely is making me feel light.

Now, having battled Covid, one thing I was extremely worried about was my falling hair. I have been trying a variety of shampoos and oils, packs and serums to arrest the fall. But nothing much happened.

Then, one of my friends told me to switch to a herbal shampoo. Looking for one on the Internet one day, I chanced upon Hibiscus Shampoo by Atulya Herbals, which also sports black seed as one of its ingredients. The details of the product said: Enriched with the goodness of black seed, fenugreek, and other essential oils, it helps to give extra nourishment to the hair. It’s a mild shampoo for gentle hair wash that doesn’t cause harm to the strands. Hydrates rough cuticles for optimal hair strength & shine. Helps repair and nourish hair follicles. Brings rejuvenation to the scalp. Helps minimize hair thinning & breakage.

Black seed (kalaunji), I had heard a lot about. And decided to give it a try.

In the last one month, I must have washed my hair 8-10 times, but have felt no dryness. I often miss oiling my hair and dry hair after shampoo is one of my ever-present problems. Also, hair fall has reduced majorly. My crowning glory now feels softer.

Gentle on hair and moderately fragrant, Atulya Hibiscus & Black Seed Shampoo leave the hair smooth and manageable after each wash. Apart from hibiscus and black seed, it also has the goodness of reetha, amla, aloe vera. And contains no parabens, sulphate or silicones. What more can you ask for?

Available in a plastic bottle, it comes with an easy to use dispenser. It is a good product, but Rs 499 for 300ml is a bit costly, more so as you need a little more than usual amount to get the sufficient lather. Reducing the cost will do a world of good to not just consumers, most of whom are deterred by high costs, but also help the brand sell more.




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