Read this book to know how to become your own life coach

 Read this book to know how to become your own life coach

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

While scribbling her thoughts on a piece of paper one night it struck Divya Kapoor that she should compile those in the form of a book. And hence came out Love Has Its Various Ways. The book is a good read for all those who want to become their own life coaches.

Published by Balboa Press, Love Has Its Various Ways, says Kapoor, enables one to connect back with oneself, finding one’s own purpose and following the workbook as a step-by-step guide to become the most inspiring person you have ever known. “I hope people realise that the power lies within; hope they understand that love is the only truth and self-love can make our life beautiful and enriching. It also makes the reader rely on universe and understand that existence is working for them, and not against them,” adds Kapoor who is also a traveller, journalist, teacher, translator, life coach and a tarot reader, all rolled into one.

Love Has Its Various Ways spans over 18 chapters, including God, Letting Go and Miracles Happen to Winning Is A HabitRealising Life’s Purpose and Magic Happens!… In each of these chapters the words are sewn like a garland with pearls of positivity.

As for example, in the chapter titled God, Kapoor writes that we are not defined by our surroundings but our deeds. Those deeds need to be pure, giving and full of sincere and selfless compassion. It is our deeds that mark trueness of our character. Likewise, in Miracles Happen, she throws light on how life constantly reflects to us the way that we are, the way that we act, the way that we think without us realising it. The uncertainty principle always plays the role, what we imagine is what we see outside.

The most interesting aspect of this self-help book is its workbook that has been designed to help you meet your true self, along with some guidance. The workbook is for you to practice new learnings. There are a few exercises, spread over 11 days, for you to implement in life and reap benefits. And once it is done, dream the next and achieve it.


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