Lovin’ A Hero- A tale of romance & friendship

 Lovin’ A Hero- A tale of romance & friendship

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Surprise, friendship, romance, humour, laughter, hope and much more is what you find aplenty in Lovin’ A Hero. The author, Ch Lady Diana has wonderfully explained how one can walk out of the apprehensions and doubts and realise the ideals of true love, only if one is receptive enough.

An editor with a leading publication house, Diana’s earlier work, The Mirage of Love, dealt with the hypocritical and traditional society.

Lovin A Hero is a sensitive love story, in which the leading character, Aditya Kapur, is a film star while the protagonist Aditi Sharma is an entertainment journalist. Out on an assignment to cover the film shoot of Aditya Kapur, Aditi falls in love with him, but being a single mother to a young Aryan, is too scared and sceptical to accept it.

How Aditya manages to convince her and her family, most importantly her dad, forms the entire narrative.

The story sensitively deals with the subject of a woman’s second marriage and her parents concern for her as also their fear about having an actor as a son-in-law. But this is not all, Lovin’ A Hero also talks about the distrust parents’ have on the decisions their kids make, amply shown through Aditi’s dad, and the strength of true friendship portrayed through Aditi’s friend Gaurav.

But then, as they say, if it is real, love has the ability to pass through all the crests and troughs and emerge triumphant. Lovin’ A Hero too stresses on this.

Being an editor herself, Diana has very realistically portrayed the happenings at the News Desk, the wonky shifts all journalists do, and the love-hate relationship that exists between an editor and her reporters.

Published by Vishwakarma Publications, Loving’ A Hero is written in lucid English with no fancy words thrown in as is the wont of many other authors. A delightful read, indeed.


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