Looking for a change of skincare products? Go for Earthraga

 Looking for a change of skincare products? Go for Earthraga

Upasana Kaura

So, I am always on the look out for newer skin products, firstly because I get tired of using the same old brands, and mainly because my dermatologist told me that we must change our body lotions, shampoos and scrubs, the skin gets used to one kind of ingredients and then stops responding in as good a manner as it does when you begin using a product. Her words sound logical to me.
So, as I was googling about some skincare brands, I came across Earth Raga. The name attracted me, and I must admit it was the name that prompted me to visit their website to explore what they were offering. The biggest thing in favour of this brand is that the products are organic, paraben-free.
The brand has quite a few skincare and haircare products along with some lip balms. I decided to pick up a few of these, six to be precise. And here, I will tell my own experience after using these for over a week.

Vitamin C Face scrub
Honestly, this one I didn’t buy for myself, but my daughter, who has an pimple-prone skin. She loves citrousy smells, which madxe me pick it up. A young teenager, her skin is very soft, and this scrub with small granules was just perfect for her. In about 10 days, she used it twice only but we could see the visible difference it made to her face – the pimples have reduced, and I am sure with a prolonged use, her face will be pimple free as well. The white clay in it is doing the trick. My daughter is happy, so am I. It being sulphate free is an added advantage.


Turmeric face scrub

This one is for me. I somehow have this age-old habit using home-made besan+haldi+dahi+rose water scrub for my face and even hands, arms and elbows. I love turmeric for the pale tinge it gives to the skin. But, I must admit this homemade scrub cannot be stored for long. In summers it dries up, in monsoon fungus poses a danger while in winter, it dries the skin. Earth Raga turmeric scrub is free of all these issues, but has all the goodness of curcumin. It has the soothing fragrance of saffron and suppleness of cocoa butter. I love it and use it twice as wekk as recommended, and I am sorted.


Vanilla Body Lotion

I was not very enthusiastic about buying this, but my daughter, in a way, cajoled me into putting it in my cart. Its good, a little amount is enough to make the skin soft and supple. I have issue with the fragrance – I find it edible kinds, but then, my kid loves it. It has peppermint essential oil and raddish root extract which soothes my over sensitive skin. I don’t use it in the day – the fragrance you see, I told you earlier – it makes me feel like a walking cake!


Turmeric Body Lotion

Now this is, by far, my best find! It has turmeric, my most loved ingredient. And, then coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and shea butter. It tones down my fair complexion, without reducing the glow. I am loving it! A caution: the first few times it can give a tingling sensation to the skin, but gets fine after that. What’s best: I have stopped using sunscreen. and I am hopeful i wont require it with this.


Retinol Body Wash
Another good product. Soft on skin, easy to use. Just a small bit is enough for a full body bath. IT gently cleanses, and moisturises the skin. I have been using a moisturising soap since sometime, but of late, the product cost had been burning a hole in my pocket. So, this is a happy replacement.


Honey Organic Lip Balm

What do I say about this? Lip balm is an essential item in a lady’s purse, and the more the merrier. This one moisturises chapped lips giving them a soft and supple look. A secret: my husband has used it a couple of times to sooth his chapped lips, it imparts no colour, you see.


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