Savour the summer delicacies of Mughals and Delhi Sultanate

 Savour the summer delicacies of Mughals and Delhi Sultanate

(From Left to Right) Dahi Khas Kebab, Kairi Murg Tikka and Silbatta Shami Kebab

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

You could only trust Osama Jalali to get it your plate. After all, the celebrity chef-food writer-food historian-restaurateur has spent most of his life in the lanes and by-lanes of Purani Dilli. However, unlike in the past, this time, the food festival that Jalali has brought alive at Crowne Plaza Greater NoidaJashan-e-Mausam-e-Garma is all about rediscovering the lost recipes of the summer month from Delhi.

Though it is just a day before the curtains come down on this 10-day fiesta wherein it was presented at two restaurants simultaneously – Mosaic, the all-day dining with unlimited buffet and Spice Art, fine dining Indian restaurant for dinner only, you must visit this unique food festival which takes you back to times where vegetables used to be the main ingredient and were cooked with meat to create magical dishes that were not heavy on your palate during the summer season.

While you have no options when it comes to Nazakat-E-Shuruvat where you are served Aamras (Rs 500 for a regular portion), there are options under Dilkash-E-Chaat where you can either opt for Dahi Gujiya Chaat or Chowk Ki Tikki (Rs 650 for regular portion and Rs 325 for single portion) else enjoy a Seasonal Fruit Platter in the same quantities and amount.

The starter (Ibtida-E-Dastarkhwan) options for non-vegetarians include Silbatta Shami Kebab (Rs 1150/Rs 575); Sandali Murgh Tikka (Rs 1050/Rs 525); Kairi Murgh Tikka (Rs 1050/Rs 525) while for vegetarians, there are options like Paneer Gulnaar Kebab (Rs 875/Rs 437); Subz Shammi Kebab (Rs 850/Rs 425) and Dahi Khus Ke Kebab (Rs 850/Rs 425).

It is Amba Kaliya (Rs 1275/Rs 637) and Bhindi Gosht (Rs 1250/Rs 625) that the non-vegetarians should not miss having a go at from Gosht Aur Murgh Ki Khususiyat, though there are other options too: Malai Murgh (Rs 1150/Rs 575) and Murgh Kofte (Rs 1150/Rs 575). For the veggies out there, Torai Ke Chilke (Rs 850/Rs 425) and Lauki Ka Bharta (Rs 850/Rs 425) are a must but you can give Aloo Katliyan (Rs 850/Rs 425) and Tamatar Aloo (Rs 850/Rs 425) a shot too.

Jashan e Mausam e Garma
(Clockwise from top-left) Amba Kalia, Chana Dal Bharta, Tori Chhilka
Sabzi, Aloo Tamatar, Murg Kofta and Bhindi Gosht

If you happen to be a dal (pulse) lover, choose between Malka Ki Dal and Chane Ki Dal Ka Bharta (Rs 750/Rs 325) under Daalon-Ki-Rehmat and if you are a rice-eater, Awadhi-Zaiqedaar-Basmati offers Mutton Yakhni Pulao (Rs 1200/Rs 600); Akbari Murgh Pulao (Rs 1100/Rs 550); Vegetable Tahiri (Rs 1000/Rs 500); Chana Dal Khichdi (Rs 900/Rs 450); Pulao (Rs 650/Rs 325) and Steamed Rice (Rs 550/Rs 275). The breads (Garam Khubz) include Sheermal/ Warqi Parantha/ Roomali Roti/ Baqarkhani/ Khamiri Roti for Rs 250 each. You can wind up with Ikhtitaam-E-Dastrkhwaan or the dessert spread which includes Gulab Ki Kheer (Rs 550/Rs 275); Rabdi Faluda (Rs 550/Rs 275); Kulfi (Rs 550/Rs 275) or Mango Ice cream (Rs 550/Rs 275).

“This is for the very first time that we are presenting the summer menu of Delhi Sultanate and the Mughals.  It’s a unique blend of pairing of fruits and vegetables with meat. Each dish has been created according to the taseer (essence) of the ingredients. Each of the dishes are light on stomach and good for health. We have broken the myth that Mughlai food is heavy and suitable only to be consumed during winter months,” shares Jalali.

A not-to-miss festival and if you happen to live in and around Noida, make sure you get to enjoy this one. You will surely come out licking your fingers!


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