A must-keep book at your home

 A must-keep book at your home

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Renowned homeopath Dr Mukesh Batra has come out with another book on homeopathy, his eighth in the series he has written on this pathy, Homeopathy: Simple Remedies for All Ages.

As the name suggests, this time he has written about simple remedies for different health issues of all ages. To make it an easy read, he has divided the book into eight sections, each dealing with the pressing problems of a particular age group, right from birth to old age. Structured according to the various phases of life, the book deals with the various diseases and their homeopathic remedies in sufficient details.

The book offers remedies for every problem ranging from common cold to asthma, digestive issues to diabetes and anxiety to depression. You name a health issue, and the remedy is listed; Dr Batra has given remedies even for chronic pains and aches. One can safely use these remedies since these are gentler, safer and more in tune with human nature. A handy guide that each one should keep at home, Homeopathy: Simple Remedies for All Ages, is a storehouse of knowledge that goes over and beyond day-to-day problems.

Written in simple and lucid English, it is good not just for practicing homeopaths but also for laymen who want to reap the benefits of this safe mode of treatment.

With the world now opting for safer options, this book has come at a right time. Homeopathy’s strength lies in its attention not only to symptoms, but also to individuals. While other systems regard mankind en masse, homeopathy treats each patient as the only one of its kind. It takes personalities into account, a provision no other therapeutic system has. This way of looking at a patient is the making of a sensitive, thoughtful system of therapy.

For those who believe in homeopathy, this works as a reinforcement, and for the non-believers a steps in right direction towards gaining some understanding.

What’s more, coming from a practicing homeopath with decades of experience, one knows the remedies given are trustworthy and won’t do any harm to the body.



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