How to make your skin glow in summers

 How to make your skin glow in summers

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Summer sun can be most taxing. It not only drains your body of energy but also your skin of all the water. The result: the skin looks listless and lifeless. Further, the dirt and grime can lead to acne and other related skin issues. How to protect the delicate face skin from searing summers is a question ringing in everyone’s head, especially those living in hotter climes.

What if I tell you that help is round the corner? Yes, the newly launched mists from CIITA. There are two – the Pure Rose Water Mist and the Hydrating Mist with Rose & Aloe Vera. Go for these and you won’t be disappointed.

Made from natural ingredients, both these are chemical free and have a soothing effect on the bruised summer skin.  What’s more, these are anti-bacterial and anti-aging as well.

Begin your day with a light spray of one of these mists before you apply your cream or moisturiser on your face in the morning, like I do – it makes your cream easy to apply and your skin rich in water content so necessary for a glowing, supple skin.

Carry these in your bag, so that you can use a couple of times more through the day on your face and hands. Each time you feel sticky and dusty, use it. Just a single spray gives a deep subtle fragrance which lifts your mood and calms your senses while hydrating your skin.

The roses used for making these mists have been sourced from the best variety available in Kannauj – the perfume capital of India, claims the brand. Well, that shows in the quality.


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