Graphic novel on Ardeshir & Pirojsha Godrej makes an interesting read

 Graphic novel on Ardeshir & Pirojsha Godrej makes an interesting read

Ritisha Tankha

Celebrating the anniversary of its 125th Foundation Day last month, Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of Godrej Group come out with a book on its founders, titled as Ardeshir and Pirojsha Godrej: Pioneers of Progress.

Authored by Malini Saigal and published by India’s leading graphic novel expert, Amar Chitra Katha, the book immortalises the journey of Godrej and its founders. It has also been launched on the Amar Chitra Katha app where it is listed as a complimentary read for everyone, a nice gesture by the publishers. This is one book everyone, especially each child, must read. For it tells the story of courage, perseverance, nation building, agility and innovation, a dire need in this day and age. The simple language accompanied with striking illustrations (by Dilip Kadam) are enough to attract a young reader. The author has chronicled the story the Godrej in a very concise and comprehensible manner.

I feel, we, as children of India, should know how our people have contributed towards the development of India as an independent country; how enterprising entrepreneurs build the private sector, bit by bit, to go hand in hand with the government sector to create wealth and provide jobs.

The story of how Boyce came to be included in the brand name is as interesting as it is educative. We must never ever forget the person who has helped us in the time of need; in fact, we must also pay back as and when we can for the generosity that others have shown us. That is how we build a sound human beings, which leads to a sound society and nation.

By reading this book, we also come to have confidence in the fact that no idea, no interest, no dream and no innovation is small. Each idea is worth exploring, and each idea will always have an impact somewhere to some extent and bring changes in our life and around us.

The visuals of original Godrej locks, soaps and advertisement will be of special nostalgic interest to adult readers.

Ritisha Tankha is a Class 12 student of Army Public School, Noida 



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