Read how healthcare staff members go out of their way to heal patients

 Read how healthcare staff members go out of their way to heal patients

The book has been published by Harper Collins

Ritisha Tankha

We often take doctors and other healthcare staff for granted. Taking care of patients is their job, say most of us. Agreed. But a little appreciation hurts none. In fact, it goes a long, long way in motivating them to continue doing their ‘job’ with greater zeal.

Apollo Hospitals has done just that. It has come out with a book, The Smiles Behind The Mask, which tells the heartening stories of 50 such ‘saviours’. All about the angels in the garb of human forms who have been helping those in need, Smiles Behind The Mask, is an easy and must read for everyone.

There are 50 short stories in all, each detailing how their healthcare team has been helping their patients through and through, even during the peak of the pandemic. How they have been aiding patients not only medically, but providing emotional support and encouragement, going out of their way to make patients feel good, be it by organising pujas, baby showers or funerals. There have been times when the staff pooled in money to buy books or musical instruments so as to aid faster recovery of patient and gifts when patients are relieved to uplift their spirits.

The book is also a reminder to other healthcare professionals out there that people who are undergoing treatment of any kind don’t just need medical help but assistance of all kinds to heal wholly. They should be kept surrounded with a positive environment. And this is the job of each and every member of the hospital staff, not only doctors and nurses alone – they are obviously needed but also equally compassionate should be the security officers, housekeeping staff and ambulance drivers. Healing a patient fully and wholly is a team effort, says the book. And, rightly so.

The Smiles Behind The Mask showcases the humane side of healthcare staff – something we all should know. I have often read news about doctors being beaten up by family members of patients when something has gone wrong – I hope all those people too read this book, if nothing, then just to know that doctors’ path is not bed of roses, and that they definitely do what all they can to save a patient.

There may be some bad fish, but the pond is generally full of good ones!

Ritisha Tankha is a Class 12 student of Army Public School, Noida 


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