LIFE BEYOND LIFE Dying to be me is a story of hope and new life

 LIFE BEYOND LIFE Dying to be me is a story of hope and new life

Saurabh Tankha 

This book was first suggested to me by a friend, a spiritual healer, around four years back. The title interested me and I purchased the book but a few pages into it and I got goosebumps. The author was talking about her deteriorating cancer. I put the book away. It brought back the painful memories of my wife’s journey through the detection and treatment of cancer. I thought it was the story of disease and pain. I didn’t want to read it… I didn’t want to go through the pain again.

Almost two years later, the name of the book cropped up during a conversation with another friend. “You must read this book,” he told me. “No, I don’t want to read about gloom,” I replied. “It’s not that, it will give you a new insight into life. It is the story of hope and new life,” he said.

And I took the book out. Some initial pages, I somehow endured. And then my eyes were wide open.

Dying To Be Me is not just any other autobiographical book. It talks about what happens when the soul leaves the body, what are the soul’s choices at that time. The author is a cancer survivor who has near-death experience (NDE). A patient of terminal cancer, she has only few hours left of her life when during the NDE she travels to Light and speaks to Master Souls. Just when everyone took her to be dead, she revives.

During the NDE, she experiences multiple time periods, converses with her father, sees friends and relatives, and understands why she fell ill and how she can come out of it. She then recovers rapidly, much to the surprise of the doctors. The new Anita has a new perspective on life and came with the knowledge of the ability of humans to heal themselves.

Why you should read this book is because it talks about life after life. In these days of corona virus, when the fatality figure seems rising and rising, the book will give you some peace of mind — to know that you have not exactly lost the person you loved keeps you sane enough.

This book is just another proof of the fact that it is just the physical body which perishes when a person dies, the soul travels to other realms. It consolidates what Lord Krishna said in Bhagwad Geeta, aatma kabhi nahi marti, aatma ajar, amar hai.

Life on earth is just one of the experiences our soul has. There are many realms over and beyond the Earth were souls live. Also, after the soul leave the physical body, it has a choice – to either come back in another life on earth or remain in spiritual realm.


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