A change for the better

 A change for the better

Taruna Sharma

For some reason, I have never stuck to one cosmetic brand for long, unlike my mom who is loyal to just one. Be it the shampoo, moisturiser, face wash or hand cream, I keep changing. May be I get bored of the fragrance; may be it is my skin and hair that do so.
I have used many face washes in my two decades of existence, and there are quite a few I like. The new Volcanic Ash Face Wash with Yugdugu and White Lotus from the house of Pilgrim Secrets of Jeju Islands is my latest favourite. Its flowery fragrance keeps lingering for long, which really makes me feel good. The fact that it is free of chemicals is an added bonus – most foreign brands have sulphates, but new ones coming up in India are pretty conscientious about what ingredients they use. The volcanic lava ash in the face wash acts as a dirt magnet for skin and penetrates deep to unclog the pores. Whereas active acne gets dried out by yugdugu and reduces breakouts, white lotus purifies the skin and makes it fresh as well as vibrant.
Just a few drops are enough, you don’t need a handful to wash your face.
It neither sticks to the skin (so no excess water needed), nor does it make it dry.
Though I have used it only for a week, I have a feeling it is helping against acne breakout as well.

Rs 350 for 100ml is steep. It burns a hole in the pocket!


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