Virat Kohli joins Ola’s Farakpadtahai campaign

With Delhi-NCR battling smog and heavy air pollution levels over the past week, Ola, the mobile app for transportation, has kicked off the fourth leg of its year-long campaign, #FarakPadtaHai. The campaign was launched on June 5, on World Environment Day to raise awareness for congestion and pollution issues and encourage adoption of shared mobility.

Taking Ola’s innings ahead, Virat Kohli, captain of the Indian cricket team, has joined the fight against pollution and traffic congestion. Bringing more attention towards deteriorating air quality levels in Delhi-NCR, Kohli urged his fans and followers to adopt shared mobility solutions like metro trains, buses, and Ola Share, through his social media platforms.

By creating flat fares zones across Delhi-NCR on Ola Share, Ola is encouraging the adoption of shared rides and greener mobility as small steps towards making a big difference. Share Pass has tremendously helped in reducing the barriers to trial for Ola Share. It provides an easy way to lock in low, fixed fares on Ola Share rides and has seen phenomenal adoption through the #FarakPadtaHai campaign.

Through #FarakPadtaHai, Ola is encouraging more and more consumers to share resources in a bid to reduce the impact on the environment.

Ola Share can be availed at an affordable price of Rs 35 across Delhi NCR. Additionally, a 10-ride Share Pass is available at just Rs 10, enabling pocket-friendly commute around NCR with shared rides at flat fares.

In addition to encouraging adoption of shared commute, Ola is also distributing Spider plant saplings at various metro stations to commuters. Spider plants offer many health benefits and is commonly used to remove harmful chemicals from the air, proving helpful in the current high pollution conditions.



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