Redefining digital market research and customer experience solutions

 Redefining digital market research and customer experience solutions

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To redefine its digital market research and customer experience (CX) solutions, Karvy Insights has announced a partnership with Survey2Connect. This partnership will combine the technical expertise of Survey2Connect and the research capabilities of Karvy Insights to deliver complete market research solutions. The companies plan to jointly develop innovative solutions that will add a competitive edge to their services bouquet to make a difference in the industry. These solutions will be available to customers worldwide.

“We’re proud to announce a partnership with Survey2Connect that is focussed on providing the best of technical research solutions to clients exploring the next frontier in information inputs to formulate their market strategies. With this, Karvy Insights continues its efforts to be in the forefront of devising solutions that will not restrict market research to traditional forms of data or output. We look forward to interacting with clients with our highly customised solutions that are beyond the hype,” said Sonia Pall, CEO, Karvy Insights.

“We’re very excited to join forces with Karvy Insights. We’re impressed with their expertise in — and attitude and commitment towards — developing next-generation solutions. The future of research is not face-to-face interviews, or browser-based forms. We look forward to developing co-branded solutions where the respondent is free to type, talk or visualise the answers for instant recognition of intent, sentiment and behaviour,” added Yash Sultania, CEO and Co-Founder, Survey2Connect.


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