‘Robust code of ethics needed to put an end to obscene content on OTT platforms

 ‘Robust code of ethics needed to put an end to obscene content on OTT platforms

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In response to recent shocking cases of rape that have rattled the nation, the Save Culture Save Bharat Foundation (SCSBF), alongside Gems of Bollywood and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, have demanded a combat on the production of sexually perverted content in India. Recent incidents, such as the rape and murder of a sister by her own brother in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, and the assault on a five-year-old girl by two young boys in Gonda, underscore a disturbing trend. Shockingly, perpetrators in these cases admitted to being influenced by sexually explicit content, particularly incest-based pornography, readily available on their smartphones.

The have called for stringent laws to classify the production and distribution of such content as anti-national activity. They call for the enactment of a robust Code of Ethics, imposing severe penalties, including imprisonment for individuals involved in creating, disseminating, or promoting sexually perverted OTT content as a cognisable and non-bailable offense.

Additionally, they demand that violators of this code be denied bail for a minimum of three years and undergo a speedy trial within four months of charges being filed.

Recognising the urgent need for legislative reform for the OTT content, the coalition urges amendments to the Information Technology Act to streamline the classification and regulation of objectionable content. Specifically, they propose the categorisation of sexually perverted material into a distinct group, with access restricted to individuals verified through biometric authentication linked to their Aadhaar card.

“The time has come for India to assert its cultural sovereignty and uphold the values enshrined in our heritage,” remarked Uday Mahurkar, Former Central Information Commissioner, Government of India, and Founder of Save Culture Save Bharat Foundation.

“By confronting the scourge of sexually perverted content head-on, we can safeguard our nation’s moral fabric and realise our vision of a culturally upright Bharat.”

The foundation is deeply disturbed by content that glorifies inappropriate and incestuous relationships, such as those between family members or students and teachers. This kind of content is harmful to our society. We demand tough punishment for those who create such vulgar content to ensure it stops immediately. Those who break our cultural values will face consequences for their actions.”

Mahurkar expressed his belief that India will achieve its goals of becoming strong in the economy, military, and science by 2047. But he asked, can India also become a morally upright nation?

“The key to India’s success and its goal of being a leader in the world depends on tackling the problem of sexually explicit content. This content threatens our society and is a big challenge for the new India,” Shri Mahurkar said firmly.

Sanjeev Newar, IIT-IIM Graduate, Data Scientist, Vedic Scholar, and Founder of Gems of Bollywood, expressed, “As purveyors of entertainment, we have a moral obligation to promote content that uplifts and inspires. Gems of Bollywood is proud to collaborate with like-minded organizations in this noble cause.”

Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, added, “Our organisation stands firm in its resolve to uphold traditional values and combat the dissemination of objectionable content that undermines the sanctity of Indian culture. We call upon policymakers and stakeholders to join us in this crucial endeavor.”

Swati Goel Sharma, Eminent Journalist & Activist , emphasised, “The propagation of sexually perverted material not only erodes our cultural values but also contributes to social malaise. It is imperative that we unite to combat this growing menace and protect the dignity of our society.”

In collaboration with Gems of Bollywood, the coalition has released a comprehensive White Paper titled OTT Objectionable Content Research, exposing the proliferation of objectionable material across major OTT platforms. This research underscores the urgent need for collective action to safeguard India’s cultural integrity and protect vulnerable segments of society, particularly women and children, from its deleterious effects.


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