Odd Giraffe’s 2022 planners are seeped in the spirit of optimism

 Odd Giraffe’s 2022 planners are seeped in the spirit of optimism

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Invoke the Yuletide spirit by pampering your loved ones with Odd Giraffe’s newly launched planners that are sure to help your near and dear ones feel positive and strong. Amid the pain and setbacks that we all have been through over the last two years, optimism is something that is much needed by us all, and this is the theme around which Odd Giraffe has created its 2022 Planners.

For bringing out its new range, Odd Giraffe collaborated with female artists from around the world (New York, Mexico, London, California, Bangalore, Melbourne and India) and asked them to develop art works on what optimism means to them. The result: a beautiful, empowering and rich visual assortment abundant with love & joy!

Available in two sizes – Classic & Large – these planners make getting organised fun and simple. Inside you’ll find year, month and week views, tons of notes pages, lots and lots of stickers, monthly goals, reflection and habit trackers. Besides that, the planners come with encouraging weekly fun to-do’s like ‘Mail a card to your best friend’ and compliments to keep you going.



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