Neo Tech to launch PPE kits, protective gear for frontline warriors

 Neo Tech to launch PPE kits, protective gear for frontline warriors

With the Covid-19 pandemic making its presence felt globally, the frontline workers are diligently performing their duties towards the society. Being synonymous with product innovation since their inception and with the vision of contributing to the society, the Donear Group – Donear, GRADO by GBTL (formerly known as GRASIM) and OCM – have ventured into manufacturing fabrics, garments and protective gear using NEO TECH® Technology, under their ranges – CARETEX, PROTEX and SHIELDTEX respectively offering PPE Kits, Masks, and healthcare apparels.

To quickly cater to the evolving need for Healthcare products, the group has invested in ‘heat seam sealing’ taping machines and has started producing PPE kits. These kits have been certified by renowned laboratories and agencies including SITRA and DRDO.

Understanding the need of the healthcare segment and due pain points, the group has also developed specialized fabrics with Anti-microbial and Blood repellent finish. These fabrics are made with NEO TECH® Technology and especially for PPE coveralls. One of the USPs of these coveralls is that they are reusable. Another USP is the comfort factor for the wearer, which is why the fabric is made with a breathable waterproof chemical.

With the primary aim of providing high quality, utilitarian, ready-to-wear products and catering to an array of industries such as Healthcare, Aviation, Defence, Banking, Police, NGOs, municipal workers, security agencies, Government bodies, etc. These products shield the frontline workers from viruses and bacterium, upholding the tenets of health, hygiene and comfort which are the need of the hour. These reusable coveralls will further help curb the challenges of waste management considerably.



These anti-bacterial fabrics have received wide acclaim from multiple industries, such as the major state police departments and government bodies among others. These fabrics are also being appreciated by people who commute daily (commuter suits), as aprons in salons/ clinics – anywhere where a human touch could be involved.

NEO TECH® is a unique technology developed by the Donear Group companies, a culmination of extensive efforts in research and development, done with the intention of bringing a paradigm shift in the Indian Textile industry. In the wake of COVID-19, a team of industry stalwarts, illustrious chemical suppliers and technological institutions was formed, with the aim of developing fabrics that are high quality, utilitarian and have a shield against bacteria and viruses alike. Apart from other technologies such as moisture management, anti-odour, cool max and much more.

The product basket of CARETEX, PROTEX and SHIELDTEX comprise PPE kits, masks, and healthcare apparels. PPE kits comprise anti-microbial reusable coveralls customised for being waterproof and stain repellent; disposable coveralls (non-woven poly propylene fibre) which are dust-proof, fluid and blood resistant; three-ply face masks; nitrile gloves; shoe covers,  face shields, goggles and much more. Specifically for masks, they are available as anti-microbial reusable mask made of 100% cotton fabrics, which are fluid-repellent, odourless, anti-fungal in nature and disposable three-ply non-woven masks, made out of ultra-fine fibre which is fluid resistant in nature.


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