NATIONAL STARTUP DAY 2022 A big boost to entrepreneurs, say industry leaders

 NATIONAL STARTUP DAY 2022 A big boost to entrepreneurs, say industry leaders

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Declaration of January 16 as National Startup Day by Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes as a big boost to the ever-growing startup industry in India. India is the third largest growing startup country in the world, and the government move validates and recognises the value that the Startup ecosystem brings to the country.

Says Aman Gupta, Co-founder, a PR and advocacy group SPAG, “For India, start-ups have always been significant drivers of economic and business activity. With the government’s latest announcement, startups get that big push which leads to endless possibilities for growth for India. There is a big opportunity for young entrepreneurs in the coming time as the government clears the way for smooth business.”

Stating that naming a day for startups must be the annual health check of where we are on the oath of innovation and value creation, Manav Sethi, who has founded, scaled and invested in startups and is currently working on launching a blockchain based gaming idea says, “2021 was a defining year for Indian startups and unicorns, which shows what the right policy framework can do. But this is just a beginning of a long journey that India should commit to. Incumbent governments should also commit to do away with all process led hindrances that takes the focus away from the startup teams so that their capital and time is spent efficaciously.”

Matilde Giglio, Co-Founder, says, “Demarking a dy for startups is surely going to give a boost to the already shining startup ecosystem in India. At Even, we’ve been committed to strengthen the Indian Healthcare system and building a solution that doesn’t make Indians choose between their health and savings and seeing the support from the government will only strengthen our resolve.”

MiArcus Founder Gyan Singh remarks that having a National Startup Day makes us feel as if the government is really holding our hand to help us make it big.


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