A job portal for healthcare professionals

 A job portal for healthcare professionals

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The world’s largest database of cerified Healthcare Practitioners (HCP’s), Bengaluru-based Medpiper connects authentic, verified doctors and healthcare professionals to duty opportunities at nearby hospitals and healthcare organisations. Life & More speaks to Nitthin Chandran, Co-Founder and CEO, MedPiper Technologies for me. Excerpts:

Nitthin Chandran, Co-Founder and CEO, MedPiper Technologies

When did the idea of MedPiper strike and how did you go about its planning?
Having worked in the healthcare management consulting industry for 11 years, I had become aware of the industry’s bottlenecks and regulatory barriers that prevented or slowed down efficiency in serving care. Looking deeper, I figured that I could provide a solution for this – by enabling doctors to profile themselves better and more transparently, thus creating an open platform for healthcare practitioners and industry. So, I teamed up with my old college mate, Pranay Suyash, to create MedPiper Technologies. The early version of the product set out to solve one single problem – enable verified doctors with opportunity discovery at hospitals, clinics, digital health platforms etc., to enable them, maximise their patient outcomes and output.

How much time did it take, from the conceptualisation stage to introducing it? What about investment?
The first six months were fully bootstrapped, with about Rs 30 lakhs of total investment going in. Once we hit 10k users, we were accepted in YCombinator and raised our seed round post that.

Where did you get your funding from?
We are backed by NSRCEL(IIM-B), YCombinator and have received support from MeitY

On what basis do you claim it to be the world’s largest database of verified healthcare practitioners?
The numbers clearly speak for themselves. Currently, MedPiper has data on over 11million  practitioners globally, from various sources globally.

You say “we provide the platform and the resources to help medical practitioners hone their professional skills and update knowledge”. Please explain?
We have our own CME platform. MedPiper’s CME portal allows a healthcare practitioner to pick up courses in their specialized field, and complete them. These courses are built by professionals and experts in the specific field and consist of recorded lectures, webinars, Q&A sessions, and post-course assessments that users can take up for credits. Certificates are provided after courses to the users, which allows them to build on their skill sets.

How receptive were doctors and healthcare professionals when you approached them with the idea of MedPiper?
About 95% of our growth even today is fully organic, which is an indicator that we seem to be delivering value and solving a burning problem for practitioners. The idea that one does not have to worry about the complexities while looking at a possible job opportunity was met with an immense number of positive reactions from the HCPs that we worked with. Even profile verification, necessary for job hiring, has been made simple on our platform with the enabling of peer-verified profiles for hospitals and healthcare bodies.

What are your future plans?
Over the next 12 months, we’re fully focused on empowering current and new Digital Health platforms to operate efficiently with our “Practitioner-as-API” product. Post that, we would tap into our current organic presence in SEA, MEA and Africa to identify ideal markets to expand into.

And finally. why do you call it MedPiper?
We’re building the data pipeline architecture on a single consolidated platform for all medical professionals, hence the name MedPiper.




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