Maniesh Paul hosts interactive game show

 Maniesh Paul hosts interactive game show

Anchor-actor Maniesh Paul has taken up the hosting duties of an interactive game show, Kya Bolti Public. The show integrates two engaging concepts, gamification and video streaming, on the Flipkart app. The show is live and can be played through the day from 9 am and 9 pm.
It brings together entertainment with a witty host, fun script, trending questions, a chance to win prizes and a seamless experience that is user-friendly and mobile-first. The poll-based game show has host Maniesh ask viewers a set of five questions every episode each with two options to choose from.
The questions have no right or wrong answer, and the results solely depend on India’s most popular choice. The show is aimed at entertaining the country and winning rewards while encouraging people to stay indoors.
“This is a poll-based game that will facilitate participation from across the country. A first show of its kind on our app, it follows a unique user interface that is a result of our consumer-first approach combined with our technology experience,” said Prakash Sikaria, Vice-President of Growth and Monetisation at Flipkart.



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