Lego® Boost now in India

 Lego® Boost now in India

LEGO fans can now bring a Cat, a Guitar, a Robot Factory or anything they can imagine to life, by combining simple coding and LEGO bricks

LEGO® BOOST, the winner of ‘Toy of The Year Award’ at the 2018 Stuff Gadget Awards has been launched in Mumbai. This supercharged 5-in-1 building and coding set empowers children to bring their LEGO creations to life by adding movement, sound, agility and personality.

Designed for children aged seven years and older, LEGO® BOOST brings the LEGO building experience to the next level – turning LEGO creations into programmable robots, which makes play extra fun in an amazing new way!

Having 843 elements in the set, LEGO® BOOST can be used to create five diverse models which are Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, the Guitar 4000, the Multi-Tool Rover 4 (M.T.R.4), and the Autobuilder, each uniquely designed to give children basic building and coding skills. The product enhances the traditional LEGO® set by bringing in endless variety of movement and sound capabilities. The features are made possible through an easy-to-use, app-based coding environment. LEGO® BOOST is powered by a Move Hub, a LEGO stud-covered brick with a built-in tilt sensor upon which users can add more LEGO elements. To personify the experience, LEGO® BOOST also allows consumers to add personalized voice recordings to their creations.

To further inspire creative building and coding, the LEGO® BOOST app includes a “creative canvas” that includes basic building instructions for three simple base models that children can use to customise their own LEGO creations:

  1. A walking base for making animals like a dragon or a pony.
  2. A driving base for building vehicles like a dune buggy or rover.
  3. An entrance base so that children can make their own castle, fort, or even a futuristic space station.

Once children are comfortable with building and coding the various LEGO® BOOST models, they can use the kit to “boost” any LEGO creation – from LEGO® CITY and LEGO® FRIENDS to LEGO®NINJAGO and The LEGO® BATMAN Movie.

LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox includes:


  • 3 BOOST bricks:

o   Move Hub with built-in tilt sensors

o   Combination colour & distance sensor

o   Interactive motor

  • 843 LEGO®elements
  • Playmat, calibrated to the app, designed to facilitate mini challenges to practice simple coding trials


  • A tablet running iOS 10.3 and newer/Android 5.0 or above is required to build and play with LEGO®BOOST. Please visit to check if your tablet is compatible.
  • App is available for free at both Apple App Store and Google Play store.
  • LEGO®BOOST uses 6 AAA batteries. Alkaline batteries are recommended, but rechargeable batteries can be used, though may result in weaker power output.

The LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox is retailing at Rs 19,999.



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