Housejoy resumes services in Noida, Gurugram

 Housejoy resumes services in Noida, Gurugram

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The residents of Noida and Gurugram can heave a sigh of relief. They don’t have to bother about services like AC repair, home cleaning, pest control, appliances repair, plumbing and electrical etc despite the ongoing lockdown. Leading tech-driven construction, renovation, interiors, and home maintenance company Housejoy has resumed essential maintenance services in the two cities as it has received a go ahead from both, Gurgaon and Noida administration. The services in Delhi and Ghaziabad are still on hold, though.

“We have started receiving calls for basic maintenance services in these areas and there has been a surge in the demand for home cleaning, AC servicing, and repairs. Given the ongoing 21-day lockdown, residents in these areas have faced several challenges in getting essential services. They need not worry anymore,” says Sanchit Gaurav, Founder and CEO, Housejoy.

“For us, the customers’ safety is a topmost priority and all our professionals have been instructed to sanitize their kits, wash their hands frequently and wear gloves and masks while attending to house-calls. We have taken the first step and look forward to an early return to normalcy and picking up pace again in other areas over time,”he adds.

The company is providing fumigation services in the state of Karnataka to sanitize public places.


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