Should educational institutions reopen now?

 Should educational institutions reopen now?

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With eight teachers and 11 school children found Covid-19 positive in Narwana town of Haryana’s Jind district along with 19 kids tested positive for Covid-19 in Kund village of Rewari district of the state, the debate has once again sparked whether reopening of educational institutions is a safe move or not. And not in the state alone but nationwide. The government schools in the state had reopened for classes IX to XII from November 2.

Meanwhile, Additional Chief Secretary (Higher Education) Monika Garg has an order sent to all the District Magistrates and Registrars of universities, asking the higher educational institutions to resume classes in a phased manner to avoid crowding on campuses. The colleges and universities in Uttar Pradesh are to reopen from November 23.

The higher educational institutions will reopen with 50 per cent attendance of students on a roster basis after a gap of eight months due to the pandemic. The state government has issued guidelines including wearing face masks, using hand sanitisers and maintaining social distancing for reopening of the colleges and universities to prevent the spread of the virus.

If you feel the safety of children is more important than reopening of educational institutions, be it schools or colleges, do write in to us on [email protected] and we shall make your voice a part of our effort to ensure our kids remain safe. Your solutions and thoughts too are welcome.


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