Desmania Face Armor to help Covid Warriors

 Desmania Face Armor to help Covid Warriors

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In the midst of Covid-19 crisis when normal life has gone for a toss and lives of many are at stake, Desmania – the brainchild of alumnus of NID – has come up with an idea to save the day and help frontline warriors and general public with their revolutionary product – the Full Face Mask D’Armor, a genius protective face mask.
Having been under trial runs with potential users, Desmania has received encouraging response for the Face Armor which primarily is an amalgamation of the mask and face shield, smartly crafted to snugly fit the face and be adjusted according to the facial contours. It is thoughtfully formulated to address issues faced by users, for instance heavy breathing, fogging up of the shield which reduces visibility, overall bulkiness of the equipment making quick transitions difficult and most of all it prevents the user from repeatedly touching the face and risking eyes, nose and mouth merely to adjust the mask and shield.


While the focus is on hygiene and basic cleanliness to avoid contraction of the deadly virus, other important aspects are being neglected at the moment, most critical of which is the dumping of disposable masks that will eventually lead to biological hazards in times to come. Face Armor keeps this aspect in view too! It is totally washable, durable and abides with the norms of sustainability; the filters provided are washable as well and provide triple layer protection as compared to the regular mask. Much in lines with the nano and N95 masks, this one allows you to reuse your product without compromising your safety and burning a hole in your pocket!
Price Rs 1,050 onwards


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