COVID India Seva, an interactive platform for citizen engagement

 COVID India Seva, an interactive platform for citizen engagement

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An interactive platform to establish a direct channel of communication with millions of Indians amid the pandemic, COVID India Seva, was launched by the Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare Dr Harsh Vardhan. This initiative is aimed at enabling transparent e-governance delivery in real-time and answering citizen queries swiftly, at scale, especially in crisis situations like the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Through this service, people can pose queries @CovidIndiaSeva  and get them responded to in almost real-time. @CovidIndiaSeva works off a dashboard at the backend that helps process large volumes of tweets, converts them into resolvable tickets, and assigns them to the relevant authority for real-time resolution.

The dedicated account will be accessible to people be it local or national in their scope. Whether it is for latest updates on measures taken by the Government, learning about access to healthcare services or seeking guidance for someone who perhaps has symptoms but is unsure about where to turn to for help, @CovidIndiaSeva will empower public to reach out to the authorities. People can get their queries answered by tweeting to @CovidIndiaSeva. As these responses are transparent and public, everyone can benefit from the responses received around common queries. It is important to note that the Ministry will respond to broader queries and public health information. This does not require the public to share personal contact details or health record details.


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