City shines once again

 City shines once again

Team L&M

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us to appreciate little things in life. As we move ahead, we look forward to maintaining a holistic appreciation of our lives as well. The celebrations for the upcoming festive season is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of humanity and a celebration of all that life has to offer us, despite what has passed. It is in a sense, a tribute to the human spirit which always finds a way with gratitude in our hearts for all things good, whether big or small.”



Select CITYWALK, once again, has made the City Shine Again in a lead up to Diwali with decorations that celebrate life, a host of new brands, shopping options and perfect Diwali outfits. Step out to create festive memories as Select CITYWALK ushers in colour and joy with resplendent Diwali decorations. Get greeted by twinkling flame installations all across the outdoor façade which come alive with tiny fairy lights, giving an ethereal glow all across. Step inside to a celebration of life itself with joyous tulips and chandeliers in geometrical patterns dropping down from the ceiling and lighting up the entire atrium and walkway spaces. These installations in festive shades of saffron, yellow and pink, symbolise the renewal of the spirit. Also across the space are tiny motifs in bright colours with festive symbols.


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