TOP 5 Things to keep in mind while buying a backpack

 TOP 5 Things to keep in mind while buying a backpack

Neeraj Kumar

Gen Z today is far more aware and prefers to travel in style with the best equipment. The core things that matter to them are what they’re going to wear the next day, do they’ve matching accessories, shoes, or even matching backpacks or not? After hunting down multiple online shopping sites for hours, still, one is not able to choose the backpacks according to one’s needs. One of the common reasons behind this is the quality concern as a backpack is something that lasts longer, and people like to invest in them at once.
Backpack is an ordinary need of every school and college-going student. Some look out for colorful options, few are concerned about the quality more, few for extra spacious ones, and few look for a backpack they can use for multiple purposes. These days we have a lot of options in backpacks. People constantly like to change their bags according to the trends and lifestyles. School-going children like to carry cute as well as stylish stuff.  Presently, there are so many options and varieties to choose from as per the choice and comfort. Students always tend to face what to choose and what to not, so here are some recommendations one should try this academic year as per their need and concern.

Select a lightweight bag
While buying a backpack, make sure it isn’t overweight. Even now the online sites also explain the item’s features in detail with length, breadth, and weight so, go through that once. You have an option to select from a hard shell or a soft-shell bag. People usually prefer to buy hard case bags as they can generally be used for multiple purposes. However, Hard-shell bags are not expandable as the soft-shell ones, lack outside pockets, and can break or scratch faster than the soft-shell ones.

Quality over price
The quality and price of the bags are other factors to look at because a backpack is a long-term investment, so you better select it thoughtfully. A bag needs to be durable that will not come at a low cost. Instead of focusing on getting the lowest price, make sure you focus on getting the most value for your money. Going for a branded backpacks is ideally the right way to go as they generally come with a warranty.

Size of the bag
one should buy a backpack that must fit anywhere. Try to choose a backpack of your laptop size with plenty of padding at the back and below to keep the inner item safe. It’s up to you how spacious the bag you want, but having a plus-size bag also causes trouble as it doesn’t fit anywhere and occupies extra space than you.

Enough Storage compartments
To store the crucial items, one needs multiple compartment bags that keep you away from keeping all stuff at the same place. Multiple compartments not only help you to keep the things arranged but are easy to find also.

Color and design
Last but not least, buy a bag with a unique or funky color that makes them odd along with the baggage at the counter, and you can easily find them. So to save time, it is advisable to buy a backpack that is unique and stylish as well. If you don’t want to experiment with colors, the easier option is to add a tag or a bright-colored ribbon to your bag handle, making it easier for you to spot it even from far off.

Hope, these options will help you in buying the bag pack of your choice that fits in your requirement.

Neeraj Kumar is Director, DeVagabond


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