Over 300 people attend conclave on Healing Systems of the World

 Over 300 people attend conclave on Healing Systems of the World

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More than 300 people from all over the World gathered for the All-India Conclave on Healing Systems of the World organised by Dhyan Foundation in New Delhi from March 27 – April 1 2018. The conclave, the first of its kind in the world, saw Yogi Ashwini, the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation, taking the participants through principles of healing from various cultures like shamanism, wicca, ayurveda, chromotherapy, distance healing, martial arts, clairevoyance etc. The conclave also saw participation of leading doctors and ayurvedacharyas along with experts in various sciences to supplement. Present among them were Science of Yagyas expert Dr. Prasana Prabhakar, Tantra Expert Arun Ji, African Healing Arts expert Saira and Wicca Expert Arti Gaur.
The conclave, included a pre-event, which is a Detox Session (March 27-30), to cleanse body and the soul of the toxins accumulated in the physical as well as the energy layers of the body. Techniques from all the above mentioned sciences were part of the Detox Session taken by Yogi Ashwini, an authority on the Vedic sciences of yoga, tantra, havan, Vedic martial arts, Past-Life regression and healing. The next two days included an intense discussion on all healing systems of world by Yogi ji and experts from other fields.

Actors Sushma Seth and Yuri Suri, Bindu Dalmia and designe Sanjana Jon

Eminent personalities from various fields were seen at the inauguration of the conclave which shared the magnamious power of energy sciences of the world. Among them were actors Sushma Seth and Yuri Suri, Yashveer Singh from the Intelligence Department, Govt of India, Bindu Dalmia and Designer Sanjana Jon.




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