Some delicious easy-to-make snacks to enjoy during rains

 Some delicious easy-to-make snacks to enjoy during rains

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Rainy season is not just for romancing your soul, it is also a season when your taste buds yearn for some crispy, tangy, fried food. For most of us, besan pakodas and samosas do the magic, but they also come with their calories, and accompanying weight. What if we tell you we have some crispy, crunchy and yet healthy food items that yu can easily make at your home!. Don’t believe? Read on the monsoon recipes by Swapnadeep Mukherjee, Executive Chef, The Metropolitan & Spa, New Delhi.

monsoon recipes

Ingredients                          Quantity
Potatoes boiled                         200 gm
Desi ghee                                   50 gm
Cumin seeds                              02 gm
Turmeric                                    pinch
Fresh anardana                        10 gm
Sendha salt                                2 gm
Green chillies                            01 no
Ginger                                        02 gm
Fresh corrionder                      05 gm (chopped)
Lemon juice                               dash

Heat ghee in a pan
Crackle cumin seeds, add potatoes and stir fry for two three minutes.
Add remaining ingredients except anardana and lemon
Stir fry for another two minutes
Finish with fresh anardana and lemon juice
Serve hot


monsoon recipes

Ingredients                                               Quantity
Tomatoes                                                          800 gm
Tofu                                                                   80 gm
Basil                                                                   20 gm
Cinnamon stick                                               01
Ginger                                                               20 gm
Star anise                                                         01
Vegetable oil                                                    50 ml
Sugar                                                                 30 gm
Salt                                                                    To taste

Heat oil in a pan
Add cinnamon stick and star anise. Add mashed ginger.
Now add roughly chopped tomatoes. Cover and cook.
Halfway through add basil. Cover and cook on sim till tomatoes are soft and mushy
Add seasoning.
Fine strain Serve hot with tofu



Ingredients                                     Quantity
Green Peas                                            280 gm
Potato Pahari                                        90 gm
Ginger Chopped                                   15 gm
Chili Green                                            10 gm
Olive Oil                                                 5 ml
Coriander Leaves                                 20 gm
Chili Powder                                         05 gm
Black Cumin                                          05 gm
Salt to taste

Blanch the green peas.
Put olive oil in a pan, add black cumin to it.
Then add green peas and sauté it till the green peas are dry
Take it out of heat and let it cool.
When it’s cool, add boiled and mashed potatoes, chopped coriander, chopped ginger, salt and green chili.
Mix the above ingredients well and make tikki
Take oil in a fry pan and stir fry the tikkis
Serve hot with sauce or mint chutney



Ingredients                        Quantity
Ghee                                           01 tbsp|
Cumin seed                               01 tbsp
Garlic, chopped                        02 tbsp
Ginger, chopped                       01 tbsp
Bitter gourd, grated                 02 tsp
Beans, chopped                        100 gm
Spinach, chopped                    100gm
Grated, potato                           200 gm
Black pepper                              ½ tsp
Almonds, crushed                      05-06
Khoya                                           ½ cup
Roasted gram flour                   1 ½ cup
Salt to taste

Put desi ghee in the cooking pan
Add cumin seeds, garlic, ginger and sauté till golden brown
Add karela, beans, potatoes, black pepper and salt
Let it cook for about a couple of minutes.
Then add almonds, khoya, and corn.
Now add roasted gram flour to make the mixture into dough.
Settle the dough on the tandoor rod for roasting and put it inside the tandoor.
Once roasted, serve with or mint and chili chutney.



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