Delhi hosts yoga & vegan fest on Nov 26

 Delhi hosts yoga & vegan fest on Nov 26

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Delhi is all set to host its first-ever Yoga and Vegan festival. The festival is being held Nov 26 at Spring Meadows School, Dwarka Mor, Uttam Nagar. The day-long festival will have over 40 Yoga classes, meditation sessions, talks, vegan cookery demos, workshops, vegan market and live music. Food stalls selling 100 per cent vegan dishes, including Mediterranean, Mexican, Malaysian, Italian, South-Indian and North-India cuisine will also be there to delight foodies.

Over 30 yoga teachers and vegan activists from different parts of India are coming together at the festival that is supposed to be a celebration of Yoga and Veganism.

The festival is being organized by Yogific, a community organisation based in London that runs such events in many places across Europe. “We are very excited to organize our first festival in Delhi. We are overwhelmed by the response, it is great to see so many vegan businesses in the city. We have been running our Yoga and Vegan Festivals, with thousands of participants, only in Europe until now but we want to organize more events in the India – the homeland of Yoga. Delhi is also home to a thriving vegan community so we are looking forward to connecting with them,” says Skaiste Mis on behalf of Yogific.

Once considered a niche diet, veganism has gone mainstream — so much so that the number of people following a vegan diet has increased by 350% in the last decade, according to research from the UK. By definition, veganism is a way of living in which people exclude, as much as possible, all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty.

At first glance, a vegan diet may seem complicated or overly restrictive. Many of my clients who are considering switching over to a vegan diet are initially worried about finding suitable vegan alternatives to their favorite meals. Yet, most find that once they get a few basics down, the transition is less difficult than they initially expected.



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