Tata Power sets up EV charging stations at IHCL Homestays across India

 Tata Power sets up EV charging stations at IHCL Homestays across India

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With sustainability at the core of the Indian Hotels Company (IHCL) the company’s brand, amã Stays & Trails – India’s first branded homestay portfolio, has collaborated with Tata Power to install EV (electric vehicle) charging points at more than 30 of its villas and heritage bungalows across 11 destinations. This is a step forward in catering to the evolving needs of environmentally conscious consumer customers by reducing their travel carbon footprint and embracing a more sustainable future.

This collaboration marks an important step for both flagship Tata Group Companies in furthering their commitment towards adopting more sustainable and cost-efficient business practices. Under the partnership, Tata Power EZ Charge has established EV chargers for guests staying at the amã Stays & Trails homestays, allowing them to recharge their electric vehicles easily.

With a portfolio of 59 heritage bungalows and villas, including 23 in pipeline, amã Stays & Trails brings alive the local culture and heritage of the destination through authentic and immersive experiences. Families and friends can bond together in the exclusivity of beautiful bungalows and villas while enjoying a reliable and seamless EV charging experience courtesy of Tata Power.

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that uses one or more electric motors for propulsion. It can be powered by a collector system, with electricity from extravehicular sources, or it can be powered autonomously by a battery (sometimes charged by solar panels, or by converting fuel to electricity using fuel cells or a generator). EVs include, but are not limited to, road and rail vehicles, surface and underwater vessels, electric aircraft and electric spacecraft.

EVs first came into existence in the late 19th century, when electricity was among the preferred methods for motor vehicle propulsion, providing a level of comfort and ease of operation that could not be achieved by the gasoline cars of the time. Internal combustion engines were the dominant propulsion method for cars and trucks for about 100 years, but electric power remained commonplace in other vehicle types, such as trains and smaller vehicles of all types.



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