Panorama showcases opulent art & culture of India in vibrant hues

 Panorama showcases opulent art & culture of India in vibrant hues

An art work by Seema Parveen

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Panorama, an exhibition consisting of a diverse range of mediums from watercolor on paper, gouache and oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas to mixed media transcends all barriers to showcase the opulent art and culture of India in a mélange of vibrant hues.

Panorama Panorama
Works by Ruchi Sharma and Mridul Chakraborty 

The word Panorama means an unbroken view of things and so does this exhibition which delves deep into contemporary issues of social relevance like global warming, consequences of shrinking of habitats of flora and fauna, spiritual harmony, our rich art and culture.

Panorama  Panorama
Works by Amit Kumar and Geeta Kwatra

Participating Artists include Uma Bardhan, Geeta Kwatra, Amit Kumar, Seema Parveen, Nikun Aggarwal, Col. Kapil Tuli, Ruchi Sharma, Nilay Sarkar, Reba Mondol and Mridul Chakraborty.

Veteran artist Uma Bardhan’s paintings are an expression of her inner self and expression of her happiness and creativity. Artist Amit Kumar’s artworks on Tigers in water colours on paper show the artist’s inherent love for the Royal Bengal Tiger. Artist Geeta Kwatra has made geometrical patterns and have used bright and rich hues to fascinate the view. Lieutenant Colonel Kapil Tuli has always been passionate about experiments, creations and innovations, finding ways around new ideas to do a boring kind of work creatively, efficiently and intelligently. His beautiful portraits of sadhus and Rajasthani men using mediums like ink on paper and charcoal on paper speak of his talent galore.

Panorama Panorama
Works by Nukinj Agarwal and Nilay Sarkar 

Artist Nikun Aggarwal has done a beautiful and detailed portrait of a sadhu which is suggestive of the spiritual side of this glorious nation. Artist Seema Parveen’s artworks on blue pottery done in watercolour are extremely refreshing and captivating. Artist Reba Mondol’s artworks on  Benaras ghats literally transport the viewers to the holy city. Artist Ruchi Sharma’s artworks show ‘Yoga’ as a way of life to unite oneself with the ‘higher power’ or ‘spiritual force’. Artist Nilay Sarkar uses sky blue and orange hues to portray a Rajasthani girl playing a manganiars rendering a fresh lease of life to the canvas. Artist Mridul Chakraborty’s artwork suggests women empowerment working in a style on a par with the masters.


The show is on till April 30, 11am to 7pm at Colorama Art Gallery, Sector 21, Dwarka




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