Divyaman Singh depicts a collective journey from despair to hope through his works

 Divyaman Singh depicts a collective journey from despair to hope through his works

Artist Divyaman Singh is having a three-day solo show

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Artist Divyaman Singh is having a solo show of his works, Esoteric, at The Stainless Gallery, New Friends Colony. The three-day show has 37 paintings on display, which belong to the works done him in the last two years of pandemic that impacted him deeply – the impact widely apparent in his paintings. Through his artworks, Singh has depicted a collective conscience’s journey from despair to hope and living in harmony with elements around us through the pandemic.

These distinctive paintings portray vastly humane themes of life and nature in earthy, fiery colours. They portray land, water and sky. Singh explores the universe in its verdant greenery, undulating mountain tops as well as the unknown depths of the ocean. The paintings have a raw beauty of Nature, cosmos and infinity with a finite understanding of how deeply holy our earth is and the wide cosmic reality beyond.

“Through Esoteric, I have touched different zones that ultimately bind into one big chapter called life and its dynamic Nature,” he says adding the works portray the undeterred will of humans that make them sail through tough times and embrace life as is and not as it was thought to be. “It is a depiction of how powerful we are as a creation yet mere specks when compared to the universe and beyond. I am sure these artworks will resonate with the viewers because we all have lived through the uncertain, obscure times together,” says Singh, who also runs an art gallery – Art By Divyaman – in Noida.

Interestingly, Singh is a self-taught artist, who learnt seeing his grandfather, the renowned artist and Member of Parliament late Awadhesh Kumar Singh. “My grandfather’s paintings were exhibited at the Parliament House under the tenure of President Dr S Radhakrishnan,” he informs proudly.

Dwelling more into Esoteric, he says, “Esoteric happenings are special because they mean something new and are enjoyed by a select few. Art world is esoteric and appreciating it is even more elusive. But for those who venture into this adventure, it opens their eyes to a mesmerising world of ideas, images and thoughts. This exhibition is likely to transport you to a special and unique world which brings you face-to-face with my esoteric and magical creations.”

Born into a zamindar family in Chaugain, a small village in a Buxar district of Bihar, Singh is a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. He loves painting in oil “as oil colours are really full of pigments which bring more chromaticity and vibrancy into the painting”.

Listening to retro songs and eating good food with some chilled beer and clicking photographs are some of his other interests. “I do photography as well. This interests me a lot. It give me a feel of shooting a gun while I take shots on my camera,” he says.

The show is on till March 7, 11.30am to 7pm


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