Why Udaipur is a favourite spot for destination weddings

 Why Udaipur is a favourite spot for destination weddings

Sandeep Singh

A destination wedding is much like a romantic gathering that invites loved ones to a stunning location. Many celebrities opt for Udaipur for their weddings as the city’s splendor entices its visitors. The top seven reasons why couples should have their destination wedding  here are:

High on romance
Only a select few Indian cities have the allure that ‘The City of Lakes’ has. According to many local wedding planners, people often comment that weddings in Udaipur seem like scenes from an extraordinary fairy tale. The city has some of the most stunning palaces amidst beautiful natural surroundings, enough reason to pick it up for destination wedding.

Opulent and exclusive hotels to choose from
Does getting married in a royal hotel seem appealing to you? It is, indeed. Everybody aspires to a wedding similar to those of Raja Maharaj types. Due to its abundance of opulent hotels and historic palaces, this city has a certain aura. If you’re seeking the greatest hotels in Rajasthan for your wedding, look no further than Udaipur.

Ideal setting for pre-wedding shoots
It is undeniably blessed with amazing natural beauty. The Aravalli mountains and lakes that surround the city make it the ideal setting for a pre-wedding photo session. This Rajasthan city was placed third on Travel & Leisure’s (T+L) list of the World’s Best Cities in 2018 and is undoubtedly Asia’s top city.

Enjoy your wedding amidst the lakes
Does your wedding destination feature a location surrounded by hills, lakes, and mountains? If so, Udaipur Destination Wedding Places is a perfect choice because they offer everything you could want. It is one of the primary factors in why couples select Udaipur for their wedding destination.

Best photographers
The top pre-wedding and destination wedding photographers in Udaipur, Rajasthan, are unquestionably at your disposal for the most significant events of your life, such as a wedding. You can ask your Udaipur wedding planner to make arrangements for the greatest photographers and videographers to capture your special day in the best light.
The team or group of incredibly talented photographers in Udaipur will record the most priceless moments, which will be cherished in your heart forever, beginning with pre-wedding sessions and continuing through the entirety of the wedding ceremony.

Experience a royal wedding
In terms of royal weddings, Udaipur holds a special place. The royal weddings in Udaipur are another of its major draws. Because Maharajas and Maharanis controlled Udaipur for several years, Udaipur is renowned as a city of royal maharajas or Maharanis. Later, their palaces were turned into hotels. Therefore, if Udaipur is on your list of wedding destination locations, you can also have a royal wedding there.

Delicious Rajasthani cuisine –
Regardless of how old we get, we are always excited to attend weddings for delicious meals. Therefore, a wedding is regarded as extravagant if the food is good. Go for Rajasthani cuisine, which includes dishes like Daal Bhati, Churma, Kadi, Boondi Raita, Badam ka Halwa, etc., if you enjoy spicy flavors sizzled in ghee. As a result, everyone adores this, another major specialty of Udaipur. This is another important factor in people’s fondness for Udaipur as a destination for weddings.

Sandeep Singh is Managing Director, Rubystone Hospitality


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