Top 4 international destinations via CSMIA

 Top 4 international destinations via CSMIA

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The “unprecedented” times, as they say, have made the once finalised plans of travelling to those far off dreamy destinations across the oceans seem like wishful thinking. On the other hand, the real traveller’s guilt is thought of travelling with family considering the safety and well-being of oneself and the rest.
The myriad of travel emotions that we are experiencing is soon to come to ease thanks to the inoculation boost across borders. Stretch your arms and limbs and get ready as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) connects you to these top international countries where you can start creating memories again. These top four destinations are famous for food, shopping, beaches, culture, and some snow. They should be added to the list of every traveller for a rejuvenating and fun-filled trip from Mumbai.

Maldives is rightly famed for its sapphire waters, powder-white beaches, and luxury resorts. For those craving the most intense of the adrenaline rushes, Male indulges your adrenaline needs by providing an opportunity to swim with the sharks. If mellow and laid-back is your idea of an ideal beach vacation, then Male has still got you covered. Experience the spectacular bioluminescent water under the stars as you sip on your mojito and unwind and relax as the day comes to a close. Dive deep into the coral reefs and swim with the varied marine life that Male is home to.

Jump on to this 3-hour 30 minutes flight journey from Mumbai to Doha and explore Qatar’s capital ranging from fun filled adventure activities to shopping at some of the luxurious outlets to enjoying scrumptious Middle Eastern cuisine. Doha has everything for everyone, the shopper’s paradise Souq Waqif, beaches with thrilling water sports for the adventure seeker, museums, and the modern-day architectural marvels for the aesthete among others. At the coast of Persian Gulf, this Middle Eastern traveller’s haven makes for everything your next trip should look like.

Over a year or more of the monotony and drudgery that came in with the pandemic, it’s time for some serious indulgence. The masters of the art of pleasure welcome back the travellers to once again smell the macaroons from Pierre, take the midnight strolls on the cobblestones or sip on some Bordeaux as the days pass you by. If the simple pleasures aren’t your cup of tea or your glass of wine then the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, and the endless list of legendary must visits have got you covered.

“The mountains are calling and I must go” said John Muir and so should you as Switzerland opens its snow clad tips for you to let loose as you ski, hike, snowboard or just simply take a gondola up to see the glorious Alps. Once you find yourself comfortably situated amidst the icy outdoors, grab a cup of hot chocolate with the world-class Swiss chocolates and if that doesn’t make you cozy enough don’t forget to dip those marshmallows in the cheesy fondue made of iconic Alpine cheese.
With all your multiple travel needs and craving packed in one, these destinations truly are a one stop getaway to fulfil all your vacation desires from none other than CSMIA. The list offers you options to explore several leisure destinations awaiting your return as borders across the world open and CSMIA is ready to take eager travellers back to cherish those memories.


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