WORLD TOURISM DAY Check out these wellness and sustainable eco-resorts

 WORLD TOURISM DAY Check out these wellness and sustainable eco-resorts

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World Tourism Day serves as a reminder of the significance and benefits that travel can have for a person, a community, and the economy as a whole. The tourism industry’s foundations may be greatly attributed to the preferences and sentiments that shape the traveler’s choices as we continue to navigate how we travel in a post-pandemic world. Travelers and their interests are fast altering. This World Tourism Day (September 27) we list a few luxury and wellness resorts that coexist with nature.

Grape County, Anjaneri, Nashik
An ecosystem that offers an opulent retreat amidst a forested landscape and picturesque lakes, it provides an unrivaled fusion of an encounter with nature and a luxury resort. Located near 5000 acres of untouched wilderness, it is spread over 180 acres and is harmoniously incorporated into the local ecosystem to provide a lush haven for both people and animals. There is enough biodiversity space where one may also spot animals like leopards, snakes, rare birds etc.
Three artificial lakes on the property offer kayaking and adventurous sports. The resort is home to 20 condos by the lake and 11 Sky Rooms, offering a magnificent and in-tune-with nature experiences.  You can explore outdoors through a variety of activities like kayaking, horseback riding, wine tours, trekking, nature trails.

sustainable wellness resorts

Viveda Wellness, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik
This is situated between the gigantic Sahyadri mountain range, the mesmerising waters of the Gautami Godavri dam, and a mosaic of multi-toned farmlands. An opulent integrated wellness village, it encourages healthy living by utilising the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. The resort is surrounded by vibrant flowers and plants that resemble the works of an artist. Every day, the sight of butterflies and birds fluttering about, as well as the rich foliage dotting the terrain, is a visual delight that makes you happy. The regenerative powers of holistic therapies, the pampering, and soothing massages will let you explore a new way of healthy living.
It offers natural fitness programs, stress management programs, quick fit programs, and yoga, along with the central spas and massages. Apart from all of this, you can soak yourself in pure relaxation at the swimming pool, shelter yourself in the comforts of the Nakshatra Gardens, park yourself at the flower gardens, or recollect and relax at their well-equipped library.

sustainable wellness resorts

Amal Tamara, Mannanchery, Kerala
Amal Tamara is a luxury holistic wellness Ayurvedic center. Based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, every programme at Amal Tamara is carefully designed to offer privacy, tranquility, authentic programmes, diets, exercises and meditation regimes for a truly transformative experience. The goal is to equip visitors with an understanding of lifestyle changes that will allow them to carry wellness wisdom home with them.
It offers eight curative programmes such as, but not limited to, Kathakali dance, a backwater cruise, village tour as well as a customized food menu to suit each individual’s dietary and health requirements.

sustainable wellness resorts

Gamyam, Kumta, Karnataka
Gamyam is one-of-a-kind wellness retreat and destination. This plush and pristine space is purposefully set in the potent naturescape of the Western Ghats region, so that you can enjoy the proximity of various divine shrines, and the visual delight of Aghanashini River merging in to the Arabian Sea.
The resort is designed to create a journey of aligning with the self – inward bound, working to unify the mind, body and soul to reach the magic of Self Discovery. Throughout the sprawling property, you will experience an amalgamation of its five pillars viz Ayurveda (the ideal way to nourish yourself), Yoga (the physical activity to transform and transcend to a new sphere), Nature (Prakruthi as the nourisher), Jnana (The practise of an aware life and mindful living) and Divinity (the potent superpower in the universe we strive to align with).

Angsana Resorts, Rajanukunte, Karnataka
Angsana Resorts, a part of the Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, brings adventure back into travel; intertwining local chic and a vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere. Be spellbound by the culture and history of the ancient metropolis of Bengaluru, the gateway to Southern India. Angsana Oasis Spa & Resort is spread across eight acres with 79 well-appointed rooms and suites with indoor and outdoor recreational and sports facilities for kids and adults. The property boasts of a swimming pool, a spa and multi-cuisine restaurants and the resort which focusses on creating inspiring experiences through a kaleidoscope of local Nature.

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