Strotak Hospitality announces expansion of sustainable experiences

 Strotak Hospitality announces expansion of sustainable experiences

Sukoon – Dakpathar

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Strotak Hospitality that specialises in providing one-of-a-kind, environment-friendly travel sojourns has announced plans to widen their sustainable experiences. This expansion is over and above the range of 50 thoughtful experiences across eight locations that Strotak Hospitality already provides.

The company is devoted to advancing eco-friendly tourism strategies and protecting the scenic splendour of the regions where they operate, and over the next two years plans to add another 50 experiences to its catalogue throughout its existing locations, including Dakpathar, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Selaqui, Jaisalmer, Ranthambore & Nahan.

“We are committed to creating distinctive and environmentally friendly travel experiences that enable passengers to engage with the local culture and environment. We look forward to encouraging sustainable tourism practises throughout India,” says Strotak Hospitality Founder Manish Goyal commenting on the expansion of their offerings in Rishikesh, Nahan and Rajasthan. “To ensure that India’s natural beauty is preserved for future generations, it is critical to give sustainability utmost priority,” he adds.

With Strotak, visitors to Rishikesh can anticipate experiencing novel activities, including bungee jumping, trekking, and visiting holy places, while Nahan project will provide distinctive experiences including bird viewing, eco-stays, and organic farming.

Stotrak Hospitality
Kennilworth – Mussoorie

Rajasthan is another key area for Stotrak Hospitality. “We plan to open over 100 rooms at 3-4 locations across Rajasthan. Travelers may anticipate a wonderful journey that is both sustainable and pleasant with unusual experiences like hot air balloon flights, cultural festivals, and traditional cookery workshops,” says Goyal.

Strotak Hospitality has implemented several initiatives to encourage sustainable tourism, including working with neighbourhood groups to develop economic opportunities, lowering their carbon footprint through eco-friendly transportation, and aiding conservation efforts. In order to ensure that its employees are aware about sustainable practices and capable of educating tourists about the value of responsible tourism, the company also offers staff training.

“Strotak is setting the bar for environmentally friendly travel in India. We offer visitors a chance to engage responsibly and sustainably with the local environment and culture through their distinctive and immersive experiences. We are sure to provide visitors more chances to experience India’s natural beauty while having the least amount of an influence on the environment,” he adds.






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