TOP 5 Tips for vacations

 TOP 5 Tips for vacations

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Now that schools have been closed for summer holidays, I am sure all of you moms must have made some plan for vacations. While some of you would be going on outstation trips, others would be lazing around in their homes, catching up on the lost sleep. Whatever you do, keep yourself healthy and fit.

Don’t change your waking-up time
I am sure you all want to catch up on you sleep, but don’t do this by sleeping till late in the morning as it will only make you feel lethargic the whole day. Instead, get up on your usual time and have small naps after breakfast and lunch.

Get up on your time. Don’t hit the snooze button

Eat healthy
Vacation time is no time to gorge on pizzas and burgers. Rather, use this time to learn more options for making healthy snacks. Even when you are out on a trip, don’t binge too much, but indulge in your choices in moderation. If you don’t have many choices, have a big bowl of salad before eating anything else so that you can consume only a small portion of unhealthy food.

Learn ways to cook healthy meals

Remain active physically
Vacation is a good time to pick up some new way of keeping yourself physically fit. Join yoga or an aerobic class. Else join a dance class and learn a new genre. If nothing interests you check out the cycling groups in your city and join one. Cycling is enjoyable and addictive.

Cycling is fun and it keeps you physically fit.

Explore your city
Each city has at least some enjoyable sight-seeing spots. Check out those. Find out what your city has to offer not just in term of shopping and entertainment, but also the historical monuments and nature trails. This way you will have a better connect with your city.

Each city has one or the other historical monument. Go out and explore.

Go out and meet your friends and relatives. Invite your neighbours over a cup of tea or plan a lunch together. Enjoy day-long picnics. Build relationships.

Bring the old picnics back in style and enjoy!


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