An oasis in the land of Krishna

 An oasis in the land of Krishna

Saurabh Tankha

The land where Lord Krishna spent his childhood and adolescent years, Vrindavan, has always held a special place in my heart. Between 1949 and 1958, my nanajiworked here as an electrical engineer and I take pride in the fact that this region owes its electrification to him. That, perhaps, explains my special attachment to this city. My mom as well as her brothers did a considerable portion of their education in this holy city. Result: I have been visiting the city since my childhood; with my parents first, friends later and with my kids now.

Over the years, I have developed a strong bond with the holy town and the Lord Himself. Only a few temples across India hold my reverence, and Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan is one of them. I make it a point to visit this temple, at least once in six months, if not more. But my trips are always short, day trips. Mainly because I cannot stand the dirt and grime of this holy city.

But, on my recent visit to the city, I tried exploring its surroundings. So off we went for the Goverdhan Parikrama. Goverdhan city is named after the sacred hill Goverdhan Parbat which Lord Krishna lifted to protect the villagers from the flood caused by Indra, the Lord of rain and thunder. And it was here that I chanced upon, Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa. Located right along the Parikrama route, it was like a breath of fresh air amidst the cacophony of old cities of Vrindavan, Gokul and Mathura. Honestly, I was mighty impressed with its expanse the moment I crossed the entry gate.


Conventionally, the brochures of resorts and hotels promise a lot of services and facilities but when it comes to ground level realities, they all fall flat. But Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa, offered much more than it promised. The picturesque resort, spread over 26 acres, boasts of 50 luxury cottages, each offering a glimpse of Goverdhan Hills.

The best part about the resort is its strategic location. Most religious destinations are within a 30-minute drive away viz no more than 25 km. So, you could drive down to Krishna Janmabhoomi at Mathura (24 km), Banke Bihari Temple at Vrindavan (26 km), Nand Maharaj’s House in Gokul (35 km) or Radha Rani Sriji Temple at Barsana (22 km) without getting tired.

Interestingly, the resort is laid out in the shape of a tree. “The pathways take the shape of the tree with 10 clusters of 24 cottages each as its branches. Each cluster has been named after an Indian river, so you could be staying amid a Beas or a Tungbhadra or a Krishna or Kaveri. The entire theme has been conceptualised to connect one with Nature. Around 80 per cent of the resort area is green and covered with soft-scaping. The other 200 cottages are private residences used as vacation home by the owners,” informs resort director Tanya Aggarwal.

krishnaNot only does the resort offers solitude, its green and plush environment is replete with all the facilities that provide a perfect setting to busy-bee corporate executives wanting to spend some quality time with family and friends.

“We work on the theme of ‘come discover the joy of living’ cottages that are designed to help the guests break free from the monotony and explore the richness of life. Vast and spacious, each 1,275 sq ft, ornate cottage has been conceptualised to revolutionise the essence of guests living. While each cottage opens into its mini, private and tastefully landscaped green space, the glass facade of the fourth wall ensures a unique blend of nature and grandeur. The two spacious yet cosy bedrooms along with the living room are apt for families and long-stay guests,” shares Deepak Sethi, vice president, Shri Radha Brij Vasundhara Resort & Spa.

What’s more, the facilties have not been compromised. Each cottage is fitted with modern amenities like air-conditioners, LCD television, tea/coffee makers, mini bar, executive writing desk, 24-hour room service, wi-fi connectivity and laundry service.

This time, during my two-days of stay at the resort, we managed to visit everywhere, Mathura where Lord Krishna was born, Gokul where he spent the first 11 years of his life, Vrindavan where he went for cattle grazing and Barsana, the city where His beloved Radha lived. This is something which I never could do earlier, mainly because the small hotels and guest houses we stayed in were just that, small and crampy, wherein my family couldn’t afford to stay for long. Like I said earlier, our trips have always been day trips, we would start early in the day from Delhi and return the same evening.

It was only this time that I could experience the Brajbhoomi, thanks to this newly established resort, which offered me the conveniences of my home. And it is only now I can safely say that Vridnavan is a perfect destination for a weekend trip from Delhi.


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