TOP 5 Things that make Corbett village worth visiting

 TOP 5 Things that make Corbett village worth visiting

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Located in Choti Haldwani, Jim Corbett Village is a place worth visiting. Since the area is in a valley surrounded by hills, the weather is cool and pleasant for most part of the year. We went there is March-end and while surrounding towns were facing sweltering heat, the weather in Jim Corbett Village was cool and fresh. what’s more Nainital is just 27 km uphill drive from here.

The Ujyav Homestay
It has a few huts with all modern amenities, except the televisions and are the most comfy stays one can have in the area. And they are located amidst the huge farmlands. So you wake up to the chirping of birds, literally, and the cool fragrant breeze blowing your hair.
The restaurant, aptly named Aranya, offer delicious home cooked food. Ujyav is run by Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti.

The agricultural farms
All along the length and breadth, wherever your sight can take you, you see agricultural farms where is grown local vegetables and pulses. Not to miss the scores of herbs that grow almost on their own, just like weeds. The village guides feed you ample info about the benefits of these, the maladies they can cure.

The Corbett Museum
Carrying the photographs and articles belonging to Jim Corbett, this museum is worth a visit. The best part is, the museum is housed in the residence where once Corbett lived.

The forest trail
For all the nature lovers this is icing on the cake. It is a three hour trail that talks you through thick forest. Don’t go without a guide, though. A lot of folklores about the spirit of a child who was killed accidentally abound the area. There is also an old temple in the memory of the slain child, Brahma bubu Mandir.

The old gun
Huge and heavy, this single barrel, muzzle-loading gun was once used by Corbett for hunting the man-eaters of Garhwal and Kumaun regions. He later gave it to his assistant Sher Singh Negi and is now in possession of grandchildren. The gun occupies the pride of place in the village. We even took pictures holding the gun like a hunter would. Just for fun.


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