TOP 5 Ways to reduce mobile phone impact

 TOP 5 Ways to reduce mobile phone impact

Shreya Kaura

We all know that our smart phones emit harmful radiations which, in turn, leads to stress and related symptoms. People use phones not just for making calls but for online gaming, listening to music, reading books, browsing, chatting and messaging. This means a large portion of our waking time is spent with smart phones, intensifying exposure to Electro-Magnetic Radiations (EMR), which is known to cause sleeplessness, anxiety, headache, stress and depression.
Considering the times were living in, we can’t wish away these phones. But we sure can take some steps whereby the impact of mobile phones is reduced. These are:

Turn off your wireless router at night to lessen the radiation exposure.

Instead of holding the smartphone close to the head, use a headset or put the call on the speaker.



Keep your cell phone away from your body at night to bring down the EMR exposure. Never keep it under your pillow.

Avoid using cellphones in a lift or a moving car as while commuting the radiation increases as your phone tries to connect with each network antennae.

Keep the phone away from abdomen, especially pregnant women.


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