VMate fights corona with WHO

 VMate fights corona with WHO

VMate, among the 10 most downloaded social media apps globally, has launched a dedicated profile to help users get corona-related information that has been confirmed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Taking into consideration its userbase and to ensure better communication, the profile information is in animated form. The chosen language is Hindi. The profile has been aptly titled Myth Buster in accordance with its purpose. The idea behind the profile is to check the spread and impact of rumours doing rounds on social media platforms and give relevant and correct information to the users. Some of the facts presented through videos in the profile include:
· Hot and humid climate does not prevent the spread of coronavirus
·  There is no evidence to substantiate the claim that consumption of garlic can help prevent coronavirus
· People from all age groups are susceptible to coronavirus and not just the elderlies
· Antibiotics do not act as a safeguard against the virus
· Breathing exercise cannot be helpful in diagnosis of the virus
· Rinsing nose repeatedly is no safeguard against the virus
The facts furnished on the profile have been designed in a Q&A format, making the videos interactive in nature. Clear text coupled with simple illustrations further ensures clarity in the intended communication. The text has been converted into video and animation format to maximise the reach of the message. In each video, the text has been read out in audio format. You can share the videos on different social media and instant messaging platforms.



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