Time to get smart with ZOOOK Clicker

 Time to get smart with ZOOOK Clicker

An innovative device – Clicker – that can be installed wirelessly and replace all infrared-based remote controls for ACs, set-top boxes, sound systems and other devices supporting IR remote has been launched by French lifestyle brand ZOOOK. The device has a compact and robust built with ABS material protection and weighs 35 g.

ZOOOK Clicker enables you to turn on-off or schedule turn on-off for more than 80,000 devices. It can be installed instantly and effortlessly. Besides, users can mute-unmute, control TV volume or turn on-off air conditioner, set the temperature of AC and manage more functions as per device suitability. For connectivity, the device relies on wi-fi as well as a mobile hotspot. It can turn your room into a smart room and home into a smart home.

If you are coming from scorching heat, you can turn your air-conditioner on even before stepping in the room to get a soothing and adequate temperature setting. And if you forget switching your AC off before moving out, no need to worry as ZOOOK Clicker will come to the rescue and let you turn it off from anywhere outside. You can control the AC with a voice command.

The functional (IR) range of the device is 8 m. Clicker easily connects with smart speakers such as Amazon Echo Dot, Google. Users can also control devices via their smartphones. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and beyond; iOS 8.0 and beyond. Whether you are inside home or on-the-go, users can control devices from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the device operates smoothly within zero degree C to 500 degree C and within 85% RH humid environment.

Price Rs 1,299 (mrp). Available at a discounted price of Rs 999 on Amazon on select days


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