Tiitan’s next gen Bluetooth speaker

 Tiitan’s next gen Bluetooth speaker

To enhance your love for music while on the go, Tiitan has introduced a state-of-the-art Bluetooth Speaker — The TY-52 True with finest sound quality that aims at redefining perfection. The high bass Bluetooth speaker is highly portable and comes with enhanced bass to deliver crystal clear sound quality. The 10RMS watts speaker stereo system is designed for craft and convenience. The speaker is amazingly light and compact and sporty, hence keeping your entertainment uninterrupted even on the go.

The 2000mAH battery renders a playtime up to four hours. You can also receive and answer your phone calls directly from the speaker, two speakers can be connected wirelessly to give you a surround sound and work wirelessly, a TWS ( True wireless speakers with a combined output of 20RMS sound output).

The speaker is 122 mm wide and 124 mm in height, making it easy for you to carry wherever you go. Further, intelligent keys on the panel of the speaker make switching between operations smooth and handy.

Price Rs 2,690


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