The big shift

 The big shift

Post Covid-19, brand promotions to transition onto online platforms

Bhaskar Majumdar

The Covid-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown to contain its proliferation are binging about dynamic changes across every aspect of our lives and advertising, brand communications and marketing are no exceptions.

While businesses across the spectrum are rethinking of ways and realigning strategies to steer much unscathed from the economic impact of Covid-19 in order to thrive, brand marketers are leaving no stone unturned to be present where the consumers are. With marketing budgets plummeting and print advertising declining, advertising is showing clear signs of transition to other mediums and platforms, partly driven by greater relevance and partly, due to bigger ROI. What is to be noted is that consumers’ content consumption behaviour has been witnessing paradigm shifts for quite some time now.

With the evolution of multiple screens, consumption behaviour pattern has become increasingly platform agnostic. Firstly, today’s consumers engage, interact and consume content at their terms, at their convenience and in their method. Truly, “my time, my content and my device” has become the norm. Secondly, due to time constraint, courtesy our modern-day fast-paced lifestyle, appointment viewing, something the TV offers, are losing their appeal. Marketers are aware of this and this is driving the democratic distribution of relatable content via new and rich media.

I strongly believe this trend will burgeon in the coming times and all types of brand/ product promotions will primarily transition onto online platforms. In app advertising, web and mobile advertising will continue to be more widespread with marketers adopting innovative omni-channel integrated approach to reap the maximum ROI.


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