STEMpower your child this Diwali

 STEMpower your child this Diwali

Smartivity, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toys design start-up have introduced a playful way to engage children with critical subjects with their range of STEM construction toys. Each Smartivity STEM construction toy ensures screen-free, immersive engagement for 1-4 hours and inculcate children with the confidence to make things with their own hands. Smartivity products promote STEM learning and help children develop practical, hands-on understanding of STEM principles by constructing and playing with toys. The objective is to foster a scientific temper, and inculcate STEM skills. To promote STEM concept in India and to inspire curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds, Smartivity labs have come up with new range of construction toys this October. Their Diwali offerings include Smartivity Mechanical Hand which introduces children to the awe-inspiring anatomy of the hand and and Smartivity Microscope, which is based on principles of optics.
Smartivity Mechanical Hand
Have you ever wanted a robotic hand of your own? Using the fun and clear instruction booklet, construct your very own Mechanical Hand. With its realistic hand anatomy, the fingers move just like the fingers in your hand. You can grab things, make hand gestures, open door handles and even play catch! The Mechanical Hand introduces children to the marvellous anatomy of the hand, depicting the joints and bones of the fingers and the thumb along with their ligaments and tendons.
Age 8+
Price Rs 999

Smartivity Microscope
There is an entire world that is too small to be seen with the naked eye. Fortunately, man has invented microscopes to take a glimpse into this unseen universe. Using the fun and clear instruction booklet, you will be able to construct your very own Microscope. Smartivity’s Microscope kit is useful for your young scientists to investigate small objects. The LED light allows for enhanced viewing of small details. Makers will have a blast learning and understanding the principles of optical instruments.
Age 8+
Price Rs 1,099


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