SharkID for business launched

 SharkID for business launched

Team L&M

SharkID, the Smart Phonebook app, has come up with SharkID for Business, enabled by the corporate card. It is targeted at professionals (employed & self-employed), businessmen, SMEs and brands.

SharkID is a smart phonebook app that auto updates itself and focuses on creating digital card format of contacts.  When a company card is registered (verified through OTP), multiple fields are filled in which  creates the Corporate Card. The company name or brand is usually the SharkID chosen. When it gets verified, Brand Dialing can be availed. Just dialing in the brand name will connect the dialer to the nearest outlet. (e.g: dial Pizza Hut to connect to the nearest Pizza Hut outlet).

Every employee of a company can be given a SharkID business card and the database will remain updated in realtime, in case of attrition. For an enterprise, communicating within the company and with customers becomes much easier.

For hiring purposes, SharkID can enable a background check; one can see if the person concerned is connected to any employee within the organisation.




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