Roz Dhan: Money today, money tomorrow, money every day…

 Roz Dhan: Money today, money tomorrow, money every day…

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If we were to tell you that over 1,000 people have earned Rs 50,000 per month; over 300 people have earned Rs 200,000 per month; over 80 people have earned Rs 500,000 per month and over 20,000 people have earned money from an app named Roz Dhan, your most likely reaction would be: “So! What’s so great?” or “How does it make a difference in my life?”

But if we were to tell you that you too can feel this difference in your life and earn as much or even more minus much effort, what would your most likely reaction be? All you need is an internet connection.

Let us explain this better… Over the last few months, there has been a flurry of reward apps in the market but then the catch is the app should have simpler operating techniques, easy accessibility and withdrawal of money should be faster. With over eight million downloads and over 900,000 active installations, Roz Dhan fulfills all the above criteria and happens to be one of the fastest growing app in the Indian mobile internet industry. What’s more, the app is not only in English and Hindi, it is present in other regional and global languages.

Roz Dhan facilitates users to access Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Amazon etc along with providing trending content.

One of the most successful Roz Dhan users has been Technical Yogi who, till September 2018, has managed to earn Rs 817,000. A theatre actor by profession, Technical Yogi says he has always had the knack of learning something new which saw him posting reviews of various products on WhatsApp. The videos which he shared with his friends on WhatsApp were forwarded to other friends by his friends and the number multiplied. When his videos got viral, a friend advised him to turn a YouTuber. With already among the fastest growing consumer markets in the world for YouTube videos, Technical Yogi seized this opportunity and reaped rich benefits.

To help online money-makers, Technical Yogi made a video of Roz Dhan which got over 2,000,000 views and he pocketed Rs 800,000 only by referrals. And all this money reached him by payTM cash every day.

You can earn unlimited free money through Roz Dhan. In fact, some Roz Dhan users, who rank top in the money earning ranking list, earn more than Rs 40,000. Earn your first Rs 50 by logging in and adding your Invite Code.

For starters: click on this Invite Code: and download Rozdhan to get going.

You can invite your friends through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS and all other communication tools and also earn money when your friends invite their friends to the app.

You can earn by checking-in the app daily. In fact, you can visit FB, Insta, Amazon, YouTube and more from this app and remove all others to save memory space in your phone. Moreover, you may search any keywords or queries on the app and find results on Google Chrome.

And why only money? Roz Dhan updates its users with more than 5,000 articles in 10-plus different channels daily. It covers the most popular channels like India, Funny, Fashion, Sports, Health, Politics, Cricket, Business, Education… And there is lots and lots more…

So what are you waiting for? Just download Roz Dhan app now and start rolling in money…


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